Neuroscience 2014 Event and Electrical Stimulation

Plexon’s newsletter from September 30, 2014 discussing PlexStim software’s new electrical stimulation abilities.



September 30, 2014

Neuroscience 2014 – Not Long Now!

It is that amazing time of year again when 30,000 researchers and industry supporters come together from all over the globe Neuroscience 2014. We look forward to this event all year! Plexon will be in full force with many new product announcements, demonstrations and surprises. We have also worked on our signage, and this year it should be much easier to identify specifically what is new.

Once again we will be raffling off two FREE Plexon Neurophysiology and Behavior Workshop registrations. Check out the green sidebar to the right to see what Maria Diehl had to say about last year’s workshop.

Watch for the October newsletter with ALL of the details!! We look forward to reconnecting with so many old friends and meeting new ones.

Now 32 Channels of Electrical Stimulation

PlexStim™ Software 2.2 is now available online for the PlexStim Electrical Stimulator 2.0, Plexon’s electrically isolated, individually programmable, 16 channel, constant current stimulator system. The new release now enables up to 32 independent stimulation channels to be controlled via the PlexStim software development kit (SDK). To achieve 32 channels, researchers are now able to use two PlexStim 16 channel devices together.

PlexStim can generate arbitrary waveform patterns initiated from either the software interface or from externally triggered digital inputs with an unprecedented 30nA resolution and 1µsec temporal resolution. The graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy to generate bi-phasic rectangular pulses and bursts of pulses repeated at specific rates. More complicated rectangular waveforms and non-rectangular arbitrary waveforms may be defined in and loaded from a simple text file.

Every stimulation pattern can be started and stopped either manually within the GUI, or with an external digital trigger (TTL). Complex stimulation patterns can be delivered in this way with precise timing based on different triggers. Each channel has a dedicated digital input that may be used in an edge triggered or level triggered (gated) mode to initiate stimulation with microsecond latency. Each channel also has a dedicated digital output signal to third party devices at the precise time when stimulation is occurring.

The actual current and voltage delivered to each electrode can be conveniently monitored on a per-channel basis with stimulation currents defined with 16-bit precision up to ±1mA and delivered with ±10V compliance.

To download the latest release, go to either the PlexStim webpage or to Software Downloads under the PlexStim header. For more informaiton or assistance, contact

Did you know . . . Where to Find Notes About Software Updates?

Plexon software applications include a Change Log that details new features, improvements and bug fixes included in the current and previous software releases. This Change Log is included in the installation folder of the software, and on the Plexon website as a separate link in the same location as the installer. We include as much information on software releases as we can fit into the newsletter with every release, but often the list of new features and improvements is too long to include in its entirety. For the complete list, see the corresponding Change Log.

Additionally, the installer for the OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition System also includes Release Notes that go into even more details about the new features and improvements in the current and previous releases of the software. It will often include screenshots and guides to using new features, and other information that has not made it into the manual yet. The Release Notes are only included in the installer for the OmniPlex System and are not found separately on the website.

For more information about software updates, change logs or release notes, contact

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Plexon Workshop Alumni Speak Out

“The workshop was intense, but I am glad that it was (I got my money’s worth!), I really did learn a great deal and now feel so much more confident about using Plexon hardware and its accompanying software. I am also very glad that it was more training-focused rather than sales-focused. It was great getting to know everyone that works at Plexon. I feel much more comfortable contacting Plexon now about any questions or concerns I have about Plexon equipment.”

Maria M Diehl, PhD
Department of Psychiatry, University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

½ Priced Workshop Registrations

When you purchase a PlexBright System with a 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller, any OmniPlex or any CinePlex System, you are eligible for unlimited half priced Workshop registrations for the upcoming Plexon Workshop. Ask your sales engineer or email with any questions.

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