Neural Data Acquisition System and Chinese Workshop

Plexon’s newsletter from April 30, 2014 OmniPlex 1.11.3 Neural Data Aquisition System release and workshop dates (passed).


April 30, 2014

Registration Now Open for 2014 China Workshop

Plexon is pleased to announce that registration is now open along with the dates and location for the 3rd Annual Plexon China Regional Neurophysiology Workshop taking place July 22-24, 2014 at the East China Normal University in Shanghai.

This event, completely managed by Plexon’s Chinese partner, Hong Kong Plexon Limited, has grown to become a hugely successful training event in only a couple years. Last year, nearly 80 attendees representing almost 40 laboratories from across the country were in attendance.

This year, the China Workshop is expected to be even stronger. The agenda will cover the basics through advanced topics related to operating the OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition System, CinePlex® Behavioral Research System, PlexBright™ Optogenetic Stimulation System, Offline Sorter™, NeuroExplorer® and much more. The Hong Kong Plexon team invites each research lab using a Plexon system in China to send two researchers withoug having to pay a registration fee! Additional attendees beyond the two are welcome to participate at a registration price of RMB800.

Contact for more information or to register.

OmniPlex Software 1.11.3 Released

OmniPlex Software v1.11.3 for all configurations of the OmniPlex Neural Data Acquisition System is now available online. This update is primarily a minor, interim bug fix release in response to a few issues reported since the OmniPlex Software v1.11 was released earlier this year.

Fixes and improvements relate to PlexNetRemote functionality, waveform length modifications, digital input card default settings, standard thresholding, error messages and start-up behavior following a Windows restart or reboot amongst other topics. Additionally, the demonstration version of the OmniPlex Software now runs properly.

This latest download is available for both Windows® 7 and XP platforms, and can be found on the OmniPlex System webpage along with the updated demonstration version. The downloads are also available at under the OmniPlex Neural Data Acquisition System header. For more information regarding these or other improvements, contact

SAVE THE DATE: 6th Annual Plexon Workshop

Mark your calendars! Plexon’s 6th Annual Neurophysiology and Behavior Workshop has been set for the week of April 27, 2015. It will once again be held in Dallas, Texas, USA with limited seating.

Previous attendees can attest, the Plexon Workshop is not a sales event! It is a nearly-exhausting, intense, multiday, hands-on, fully exercise-based training event with one-on-one coaching. Spend a few days with us and watch the quality, depth and efficiency of your lab’s data recording and analysis significantly improve immediately and for years to come.

Check out the green sidebar for how Dr. Farran Briggs from Dartmouth describes her Plexon Workshop experience.

For more information or for special, deeply discounted registration pricing when accompanied by a PlexBright System with a 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller, an OmniPlex System (any channel count), or a CinePlex System purchase, contact

Behavioral Researchers – Let’s Connect in May & June

As Plexon expands its products to support behavioral research labs – including the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System, new CinePlex Behavioral Research System offerings and integrated solutions incorporating Lafayette Instrument’s rodent chambers to name a few – we will be attending several behavioral-focused conferences new to us simply as attendees (no booth) to meet with you.

In May, we will be at the International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society’s (IBANGS) 16th Annual Genes, Brain & Behavior meeting in Chicago, Illinois, USA followed by the International Behavioral Neuroscience Society’s (IBNS) 23rd Annual meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in June. Meltem Ballan will be available by appointment to discuss your questions and research needs on a one-on-one basis. If you will be in attendance at either event, please let us know! Email to arrange a time to talk. We hope to see you there!

Did You Know . . . How to Send Video Tracking Data to PL2™/PLX Files?

With the CinePlex Tracking Option license installed, you can configure CinePlex Studio to generate video tracking data (positional coordinates) and store the data in AVI and DVT files. In addition, you can instruct the system to send video tracking data to OmniPlex to be stored in PL2™ or PLX files. This is a very convenient feature, because it embeds the tracking coordinates in the neural data files for future analysis. PL2/PLX files with tracking coordinates can then be opened in NeuroExplorer for place cell analysis, for example.

To include video tracking data in your PL2/PLX files, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Start OmniPlex Server and PlexControl,
  • Start data acquisition in OmniPlex by pressing the Start Data button on the PlexControl toolbar,
  • Start CinePlex Studio and set-up video tracking,
  • In the Studio tracking pane, click the PLX buttons for the animal center of gravity, LEDs or markers associated with the coordinates that need to be sent (currently, the data can be sent for Camera 1 only),
  • Arm CinePlex Studio by pressing the “A” button on the Studio toolbar,
  • Start simultaneous recording of neural and video files by pressing the Start Recording button in PlexControl.

The data stream from CinePlex can be observed in the SPK-Activity pane in PlexControl (CPX1 data row).

For more details please refer to CinePlex V3 User Manual (Chapters 2 and 3).

Research Spotlight

Let us know about your 2014 publication citing Plexon and our equipment and we will send you a thank you award with a mug and a T-shirt! Send notices, address and T-shirt size to

All articles listed are alphabetical based on first author within two categories: articles published online in electronic-only journals or ahead of print, and articles published in full print.

Recent articles published online in electronic-only journals or ahead of print:

Recent articles published in full print:


Plexon Workshop Alumni Speak Out

“I am a relatively new PI and Plexon user and I attended the Plexon Workshop along with two of my lab members. For us, a week of intense hands-on training was well spent and probably saved us countless lab hours that would otherwise have been devoted to learning the systems on our own. I would highly recommend the Plexon Workshop to anyone starting out with a Plexon system or thinking of upgrading to Plexon components.”

Farran Briggs, PhD
Department of Physiology; Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

JoVE Publication Grant Contest with PlexBright

Calling all researchers with original, unpublished research performed using the PlexBright™ Optogenetic Stimulation System! Enter to win a full grant to publish in the peer-reviewed Journal of Visualized Experimentation (JoVE). Application and abstract due May 31, 2014. More information available online. Good luck to all entrants!

Direct Links Now in Research Spotlight

We have now been honoring the publications of labs using Plexon equipment in the monthly newsletter for about a year – and it has really become popular! This past month we stepped up our game and began embedding direct links to the articles for faster access in addition to the references.

Once again, we salute the excellent research you all are producing! Thank you for referencing the Plexon equipment used in your research!!

Addition of “Did You Know” Technical Tips

Starting in February, we added a new technical tips column to the newsletter called “Did You Know . . .”Each month there will be a new practical topic such as the February tip on OmniPlex System channel mapping and the March tip discussing special considerations when measuring output from the high performance PlexBright System.

Let us know if there is a topic that you think should be covered by sending an email to Hope you enjoy the tips!

Office Closures

In honor of Memorial Day, Plexon World Headquarters will be closed Monday, May 26 and will reopen for business on Tuesday at our standard business time.

See annual office closures for the US and European offices for additional closures throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

Canadian Neuroscience Meeting 2014, May 25-28; Montreal, Canada


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