Highlights from “OmniPlex 1.13 Released, Workshop Speakers Announced, New Headstage and More!”


OmniPlex Software 1.13 Released

OmniPlex® Software v1.13 for all configurations of the OmniPlex D Neural Data Acquisition System is now available online. In addition to the software now supporting 512 channels, there are several other improvements including the addition of a Spike Sample Histogram 3D view and channel ranking functionality.
The Spike Sample Histogram 3D view provides an alternative form of visualization for the currently selected spike channel. It displays the same spikes as the standard main spike window, but in a way that models the distribution of spike sample (amplitude) values and the firing rate of each sorted or unsorted unit as one or more solid or semi-transparent 3D surfaces (see screen shot above).
The new channel ranking feature allows the order of display in the multichannel spike, spike-continuous, wideband, and field potential views to be determined by one or more selected criteria. For example, channels can be ranked such that the channel(s) with the largest number of sorted units is/are displayed first. This can help draw your attention to “interesting” channels and reduces display clutter, especially at higher channel counts and/or if you have a significant number of inactive channels.
All OmniPlex Systems with channel counts 128 and greater will benefit from various performance optimizations. Operations such as auto-sort, auto-threshold, and toggling between live data and snapshots are faster and smoother than in previous releases.
PlexControl can also now automatically record multiple PLX or PL2™ files in sequence, based on either a specified file duration, or triggered by a digital or keyboard event.
The Release Notes included in the software download contain more detailed descriptions and examples of the features mentioned above as well as additional functionality, improvements and bug fixes.
This latest download is available for both Windows® 7 and XP platforms, and can be found on the OmniPlex D System webpage along with the updated demonstration version. The downloads are also available at plexon.com/software-downloads. For more information regarding these or other improvements, contact info@plexon.com.

Next Gen, 8 Channel Headstage Launched

Plexon launches the HST/8o25 GEN 2 headstage, a new and improved 8 channel, analog headstage for use with high impedance electrodes. Compared to its predecessor, this second generation headstage incorporates improved input overvoltage protection, even lower photosensitivity and a better method for mounting LED sockets.
The HST/8o25 GEN 2 headstage is a 0.025” pitch, unity gain headstage available with either a true or grounded reference and in either a nine or ten input pin configuration. It can also be equipped with one or two LEDs for tracking movement. Without the optional LED mounting sockets, the headstage measures 16.3 x 11.8 x 1.5mm (length x width x depth) and weighs less than half a gram.
One improvement in this model includes the addition of series input resistance to protect against overvoltage, specifically 12.5V over the positive power supply or below the negative supply. Researchers requiring long headstage cables will also appreciate the added series resistance to the amplifier outputs to reduce the likelihood of amplifier oscillations. A second ground pad has been added, now offering ground pads on both corners near the connector plug, while further design improvemenets decrease photosensitivity.
Plexon documentation refers to the new 9-pin, HST/8o25 GEN 2 headstage as Headstage C2, and the 10-pin configuration as D2. The Plexon Headstage webpage is a great resource for more information.

Did you know . . . What a “Side-by-Side Configuration” Error Means?

Plexon software (Offline Sorter™, OmniPlex, MATLAB® SDKs, etc.) is dependent on Microsoft’s Visual C++ redistributable packages to function. We include some of the necessary packages in our software installers, but there are some cases where a freshly installed Windows® PC won’t have all of the required redistributable packages installed, and the packages included in Plexon installers won’t be enough for the software to run.
If you encounter an error message that contains the phrase “side-by-side configuration”, this means that one or more required Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages aren’t installed on the PC.
If you see this message, please contact Plexon support (support@plexon.com) and let us know about the error, which software is presenting the error, and the computer operating system in use. We can then send the correct redistributable installer to you.