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Did You Know . . . How to Find Headstage and Amp Specs?

You can probably guess that Plexon’s Technical Support regularly receives questions about headstage and preamplifier pin-outs (pin map) and referencing among other topics. What you might not know is that we have made all of this information and much more available in our Headstage Technical Guide. The Headstage Technical Guide covers the input and output pins, referencing options, physical features and electrical characteristics, as well as compatible connector and headstage cable information for 19 models of headstages – including previously sold models no longer available.
In addition to the headstage specs, the Analog Headstage Technical Guide and Digital Headstage Guide offers pin-out and referencing information on the three MAP preamp models (PBX/PBX2/PBX3), both OmniPlex® DigiAmp™ models (DigiAmp and MiniDigi™), and biopotential headstage electrode interface board pin connection information.