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3D Video Tracking on the Rise in Europe

CinePlex® 3D is one of three advanced application-specific options to enhance Plexon’s CinePlex Behavioral Research System operated in synchrony with any of Plexon’s neural data acquisition systems. The specialized capabilities unleashed through CinePlex 3D can be grouped into two primary topics: the remarkable ability to track an animal’s movements in three dimensions, and the brilliant simplicity of RapidGrid™ camera and system calibration, no longer requiring a dedicated environment for video capture.
Recently, Plexon has seen a rapid increase in the demand for video recording in three dimensions in Europe. Researchers are performing a wide variety of fascinating experiments requiring both neural recording and locomotion enabled by the sophistication of CinePlex 3D such as:
  • Studying limb movements during reaching tasks in a freely roaming, non-human primate an open cage;
  • Exploring the reptilian cortex with an emphasis on olfactory and visual areas by evaluating turtle behavior in an open field environment; and
  • Evaluating rodents performing fine walking and reaching tasks.
For the above, CinePlex 3D utilizes from two to four simultaneously recording video feeds. The optimal number of cameras depends on the complexity of the experimental arena and the objects’ expected movements. CinePlex 3D embeds a highly sophisticated – yet easy to execute – RapidGrid protocol within the program to reduce calibration time to only minutes per camera. Researchers are free to establish experiments wherever they deem appropriate – any room, building or facility most conducive to eliciting the results desired for their immediate purpose. CinePlex 3D’s almost “mobile” approach redefines the possibilities for the behaviorist.
As the discoveries we seek become more complicated, tools must become more sophisticated. If the data your lab requires necessitates understanding – or simply just recording for record keeping – behavior in three dimensions, contact sales@plexon.com for more information.