Guest Speakers for Neurophysiology & Behavior Workshop
February 05, 2015

DALLAS, TX — (February 05, 2015) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, announces the honored guest speaker line-up for the 6th Annual Neurophysiology & Behavior Workshop to be held in Dallas, Texas, USA from April 27 to April 30th, 2015.

Plexon subject matter experts and developers partner with some of the neuroscience community’s top labs to deliver unparalleled insight and training. Each of the following distinguished presenters will be sharing their personal experiences working with Plexon equipment, detailing tips and best practices for the best outcome:

  • Neural recording with OmniPlex®: Jonas Thelin, Lund University, Neuronano Research Center (NRC), Sweden
  • Optogenetics with PlexBright: Anders Asp, University of Minnesota, Department of Neuroscience, USA
  • Behavior research with CinePlex®: Christian Bravo-Rivera, University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Puerto Rico
  • Specialty probes featuring the U- and V-Probe: Chandramouli Chandrasekaran, Stanford University, Neural Prosthetic Systems Lab (NPSL), USA

Early registration extends through March 31, 2015. For more information, email or visit

About Plexon Inc
Plexon is a pioneer and leading innovator of custom, high performance data acquisition, behavior and analysis solutions specifically designed for scientific research. We collaborate with and supply thousands of customers including the most prestigious neuroscience laboratories around the globe driving new frontiers in areas including basic science, brain-machine interfaces (BMI), neurodegenerative diseases, addictive behaviors and neuroprosthetics. Plexon offers integrated solutions for in vivo neurophysiology, optogenetics and behavioral research — backed by its industry-leading commitment to quality and customer support.