Digital Subsystem Launched

Plexon’s newsletter from July 30, 2014 discussing the launch of the new Digital Headstages and accompanying Digital Headstage Processor for OmniPlex.



July 30, 2014

NEW Digital Subsystem for the OmniPlex® D

The NEW light-weight, multiplexing Digital Headstages and accompanying Digital Headstage Processor (DHP) are here! These new components are designed for use with Plexon’s flagship OmniPlex® D Neural Data Acquisition System’s hardware and software. Combined they offer an especially full featured, efficient and economical solution for electrophysiology research laboratories – especially at higher channel counts.

The new Digital Headstages and DHP comprise a new subsystem for the OmniPlex System, rather than representing a new recording platform. Digital Headstages with a DHP together are an alternative subsystem to the analog headstages with DigiAmp/MiniDigi subsystem in which either subsystem may be operated as part of an OmniPlex System. A few selected benefits of an OmniPlex System operated with the new subsystem include:

  • Effective 16-bit sampling at 40kHz that researchers have come to expect from Plexon,
  • Phase corrected for simultaneous sampling to improve trodal recording and software referencing, unlike other digital headstage based systems,
  • Electrical isolation,
  • Decreased sensitivity to ambient noise,
  • Up to 256 channels,
  • 16 and 32 channel digital headstages weighing 1.0g or less, making them some of the lightest weight digital headstages on the market,
  • Smaller, lighter headstage cable wire bundles with fewer wires for less encumbered animals, and
  • More economical pricing, especially at higher channel counts.

In conjunction with the official launch of the Plexon Digital Headstages and DHP subsystem, the newest OmniPlex software – version 1.12 for use with all OmniPlex Family Systems – has been released and is available online. The primary benefit of this new release is its compatibility with the new digital components. This latest download is available for Windows 7 and XP platforms, and can be found on the OmniPlex System webpage, and at /software-downloads.

For more information regarding the new Digital Headstages, the DHP or if these components when used with the OmniPlex System will enhance your research capabilities, contact

China Neurophysiology Workshop Hosted Even More than Last Year

Hong Kong Plexon Limited concluded its remarkably successful 2014 Workshop held at the East China Normal University in Shanghai attracting 13% more attendees from 25% more labs who were instructed by more than double the guest speakers from the previous year. Nearly 90 attendees represented more than 50 laboratories from across the country. Further, the attendee ages spanned more than six decades with the oldest bringing the experience and wisdom of his 80+ years.

The 2014 China Regional Neuroscience Workshop offered three full days of instruction including expert training with the OmniPlex Neural Data Acquisition System, CinePlex® Behavior Research System, PlexBright® Optogenetic Stimulation System, Offline Sorter™ offline neural spike sorting software, the new NeuroExplorer® v5 neural data analysis software, U-Probes and other electrodes, virtual reality instruction and animal surgery guidance.

Attendees were honored to hear from special guest speakers Dr. Xuan Ma from Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Drs. Jia-Peng Yin and DingCheng Wu from the Institute of Neuroscience, CAS, Dr. Qian Li from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Dr. JiaMin Xu from East China Normal University. Speakers kindly shared a wealth of guidance and experience on product topics and their own research applications. Attendees enjoyed lecture style presentations followed by hands-on application.

Congratulations to Hong Kong Plexon Limited, and thank you to all participating researchers! This is the largest and most successful China Regional Neurophysiology Workshop to date!

Hong Kong Plexon Limited is Plexon’s distribution partner in China and Korea. For more information regarding product sales or future workshops in China or Korea, contact

FENS Workshop Raffle Winners

For our second raffle of the year, we held a Workshop Raffle at the 9th Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) Forum of Neuroscience in Milan, Italy. We raffled off TWO FREE REGISTRATIONS to the very popular, intense, multi-day, hands-on 2015 Annual Neurophysiology and Behavioral Research Workshop. The winners will receive a full registration valued at $900.00. Check out the green sidebar to hear what Auntora Sengupta, who travelled all the way from The University of New South Wales in Australia to attend the last Workshop, had to say about the investment of her time.

At the close of the conference exhibition at 2:00 p.m., Central European Summer Time, and on behalf of Plexon, Greg Prescott, General Manager of Campden Instruments, a Lafayette Instrument Company, blindly pulled the winning entries from the raffle bin. Plexon is thrilled to congratulate the winners: Elisa Santandrea from Leonardo Chelazzi’s Emergent Attention Lab at the University of Verona in Italy and Sandro Lecci from Anita Luthi’s Lab at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland!

Elisa and Sandro will have the opportunity to take two of the 40 limited seats to join researchers from all over the globe as they descend on Dallas for several days of focused training and exercises presented by renowned researchers and Plexon subject matter experts.

We thank the many raffle contestants for stopping by and participating. Plexon looks forward to seeing Elisa and Sandro in Dallas in the spring. Click for more information regarding the 6th Annual Plexon Workshop.

Did you know . . . How to Migrate a MAP System off of a Windows XP Computer ?

Aging Windows® XP PCs that are used to control Multichannel Acquisition Processor (MAP) Neural Recording Systems can be replaced through Plexon, but there are certain technical considerations that have to be carefully taken into account. The most important one is that the modern PCs available through Plexon are running Windows 7, which is not compatible with the HLK2 interface system found on MAP Systems purchased prior to 2010. A PC upgrade would have to be accompanied by an upgrade to the HLK3 link system. If you are unsure which interface your MAP System has, look at the far-right board on the MAP box. It will have a label saying “HLK2” or “HLK3”.

The other important consideration is that the modern PCs available through Plexon only have one PCI slot in them. Most MAP Systems in the field use two PCI slots: one for the HLK2 interface and one for a continuous A/D acquisition board. The new HLK3 interface is PCIe, which leaves one slot available in the modern PCs for the PCI continuous A/D acquisition board. If you have two PCI continuous A/D acquisition boards, and/or a CinePlex Behavioral Research System, certain additional considerations will have to be made in the switch from your older PC to a newer model.

Migrating from an old Windows XP MAP control system to a newer model can be tricky, so don’t hesitate to contact Plexon at with any questions or concerns.

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Plexon Workshop Alumni Speak Out

“The Plexon workshop this year was outstanding. As a student who has never experienced the Plexon systems before, I had plenty of opportunity to learn about the hardware and the software that integrates this incredible system. The workshops are interactive, hands-on and specific. This means that beginners are not left behind. I learned more than I expected in such a short amount of time. This was due in large part to the Plexon team and their ability to present this information in a precise and concise manner. After completing the training workshop I was able to bring this knowledge back home and start setting up the system first hand. Definitely worth flying half way across the world! Thanks Plexon!”

Auntora Sengupta
School of Psychology, The University of New South Wales

½ Priced Workshop Registrations

When you purchase a PlexBright System with a 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller, any OmniPlex or any CinePlex System, you are eligible for unlimited half priced Workshop registrations for the upcoming Plexon Workshop. Ask your sales engineer or email with any questions.

NeuroExplorer v5.0 on Fire

We have already quoted NeuroExplorer v5 nearly 100 times for almost 250 licenses . . . and the software has only been available for a month! Don’t let you lab fall behind – email for a quote.

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