High Durability Patch Cables



Most of our customers are familiar with PlexBright High Performance patch cables. These patch cables have a numerical aperture of .66 and maximize the power output from the LED modules. Initially Plexon only offered the high performance patch cable, but as more labs started incorporating PlexBright equipment into their experiments, we started to hear from customers that patch cable durability may be more important than maximizing power output.

Plexon developed High Durability patch cables with a numerical aperture of .5 and bending radius of 0.5cm. These patch cables could be bent and twisted by the animal without breaking and the power output was more than sufficient. Another benefit to the high durability patch cable is that it can be made in any length without a substantial decrease in power output. Plexon now recommends that high durability patch cables be used in any study with very active animals or arenas that may result in twisting of the patch cable.