CinePlex Editor is Now PL2™ Compatible
August 25, 2014

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DALLAS, TEXAS — (August 25, 2014) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, is excited to announce that CinePlex® Editor, part of the CinePlex Behavioral Research System, is now compatible with Plexon’s new PL2 game-changing, neural data recording format. CinePlex Editor v3.6 is now available as a stand-alone package on the Plexon website.

One of the greatest features of the CinePlex Behavior Research System is its ability to examine synchronized neural and video tracking data acquired during an experiment. It does this through a program called CinePlex Editor. CinePlex Editor offers full digital recorder (DVR) playback capabilities, as well as visualization of position data overlaid on the video image. Sophisticated algorithms provide event marker-based searching functionality for rapid data review. Default or user-defined audio cues can also be triggered when event markers or neural spikes occur during payback. Learn more about these features and much more on the CinePlex Editor webpage.

It is important to note that previously, the entire suite of CinePlex software products were bundled together in a single software installer titled CinePlex Software. Beginning with this v3.6 release, CinePlex Editor will now have its own installer. There will now be two installers going forward: one for CinePlex Editor and the other specific to CinePlex Studio. All users of the CinePlex System will still require CinePlex Studio. Only researches wishing to integrate the CinePlex System with one of Plexon’s neural data acquisition systems will benefit from the additional CinePlex Editor download.

The new PL2-ready, CinePlex Editor installer is available for Windows® 7 and can be downloaded from either the Software Downloads page under the CinePlex Behavioral Research System header or the CinePlex Editor webpage. If you have any questions about the installers, please contact

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