CinePlex Behavioral Research System Software 3.4
February 20, 2013

DALLAS, TX — (February 20, 2013) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, announces the availability of the latest software release for its CinePlex® Behavioral Research System – version 3.4 – serving the video tracking and analysis needs of government, university and commercial research laboratories.

This is great news for CinePlex Behavioral Research System users. CinePlex Studio has expanded its portfolio of integrated cameras and now permits recording from the ATV Pike 100c camera with 960 x 960 resolution at up to 60 frames per second. Accordingly, CinePlex Editor’s functionality now accommodates and processes such files generated from the ATV Pike 100c.

Each of the three specialized optional add-ons has also been further developed. CinePlex Tracking has been significantly enhanced via advanced color marker tracking algorithms for greater tracking accuracy and advanced detail filtering for whole body tracking.

In CinePlex Basic Behavior, three significant improvements have been added. First, thresholds for events are now in frames instead of milliseconds for more specificity. Second, researchers now have the ability to change dwell time thresholds for events while recording. Third, the angle can be computed between any two custom vectors for angle-based events.

Lastly, CinePlex 3D now accommodates LED tracking. The possible camera positions have also been expanded to include recording from beneath the experimental area or from the sides, significantly expanding the applications for which the system can be implemented.

All of the functionality included in this new install package is available at no charge to all CinePlex System version 3 users. The new release installation files are available online either on the CinePlex Software page or via Software Downloads, under the Product Specific CinePlex section.

About Plexon Inc
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