Behavioral Tracking & Analysis with Multi-Fiber Photometry

photometry animation with multiple fibers

Plexon’s Multi-Fiber Photometry System is a camera based system that images one end of a branching patch cable containing multiple fibers and extracts the photometry signal from the individual fibers in the bundle via image processing techniques.

The Multi-Fiber Photometry System is an optional subsystem that is integrated into the CineLyzer behavioral tracking and analysis system. Incorporating photometry into the CineLyzer environment provides the supporting behavioral information necessary to make correlations between the photometry signal and the subject’s activity.


  • Record from multiple locations in a single animal or many animals simultaneously with a single system
  • Integrated with video tracking software (CineLyzer)
  • Camera based
  • GFP based indicators such as GCaMP6
  • RFP based indicators such as R-CaMP2 (optional)

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