CineLAB™ Video Recording and Analysis Products
October 13, 2014

DALLAS, TEXAS — (October 13, 2014) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, is thrilled to announce a new series of digital video tracking and behavioral analysis products for behavior labs that do not require integrated timing with electrophysiology equipment. Specifically, Plexon introduces the CineCorder™, CineTracker™ and CineLyzer™ Behavioral Research Systems – options within the newly expanded CineLAB™ Behavior Research Systems product line. For a decade, Plexon has been focused on the needs of electrophysiology researchers who wish to synchronize neural data with their video data – often with a single animal performing one experiment at a time. Although we will continue to advance and expand the equipment and software for such purposes, that is no longer the only focus. Plexon is thrilled to introduce a completely new line of products servicing behavioral researchers not incorporating electrophysiology into their experiments.

These new behavioral products offer more economical camera options, simultaneous operations of multiple cameras, the ability to record and organize data for multiple trials within an experiment, more customization regarding data descriptors and labels, extended arena and zone operations, expanded visualization options and much more. Introducing the new packages:

  • The CineCorder System – ideal for labs only requiring the ability to record animal activity over a continuous or segmented period of time, during daylight or under near-IR conditions, and with research protocols requiring either individual or social interaction settings.
  • The CineTracker System – all that CineCorder has to offer plus the ability to perform tracking via two methods: whole body (contour) and colored marker. Researchers will also be able to define an arena and generate an expanded output file containing valuable coordinate data.
  • The CineLyzer System – all that CineTracker has to offer plus expanded arena options, the ability to define zones and sequences, user-defined behavioral events, many tracked actions and positions such as speed and head direction, a library of pre-defined calculations and 24 digital outputs.

The new CineLAB Systems for non-electrophysiology research provide Plexon-quality in easy-to-use, user-selectable packages accompanied by very attractive pricing and Plexon’s customary lifetime technical support. For more information regarding the CineLAB family of behavioral research products, visit

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