CineLAB™ for Behavioral Research Video Recording
October 02, 2014

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DALLAS, TEXAS — (October 02, 2014) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, announces the new, expanded family of products servicing behavioral researchers – CineLAB™ Behavioral Research Systems.

Over the past decade, researchers around the globe have become familiar with the Plexon’s sophisticated, digital video recording and behavior tracking program called the CinePlex® Behavioral Research System. In addition to its flexibility and versatility, it is best known for its seamless synchronization with all of Plexon’s neural recording (OmniPlex® D, OmniPlex and MAP) systems. Over the past year, Plexon has taken a new look at how to better serve behavior research labs. As a result, we have expanded well beyond the CinePlex System that serves electrophysiology needs so well into several new recording and analysis products serving research that does not involve electrophysiology.

A new series of products – including but not limited to the CineCorder™, CineTracker™ and CineLyzer™ Systems – combined with the CinePlex System will now be elements of the CineLAB Behavioral Research Systems product line. All products within the product line will be specifically designed and implemented for research conditions within a laboratory setting. Products for use with electrophysiology, the CinePlex System, will continue to be advanced over the years to come. The video recording and analysis products for non-electrophysiology use are in the early stages of launch and will be released throughout 2015.

Plexon is excited to embark on this new direction and invite interested researchers to join us in defining how the products will evolve in the years to come. For more information regarding the CineLAB family of behavioral research products, visit

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