CineLAB 4.1, Head-Mounted LEDs, and Radiant 2.2

Plexon’s newsletter from December 16, 2016 discussing the new software release of CineLAB version 4.1.

New Software Release – CineLAB® 4.1

Plexon’s CineLAB® solution for video behavior tracking is one of the most versatile on the market. Users can specify virtually any shape arena with multiple tracking zones or zone sequences and receive information regarding speed, distance traveled, time in zones or sequences, and latency to first zone/sequence entry. CineLAB offers three modes of tracking: contour, LED, or color marker. LED and color marker tracking further extend the utility of CineLAB by enabling complex tracking of head/body angles, social interaction tracking, and tracking in pitch-black conditions. New features include –

  • Enhanced Automatic Results – Group data based on experimenter-defined variables and view statistical outputs (mean, SD) in an easy-to-read table format – exportable to .csv file.
  • Enhanced Graphics – Choose from either white or dark backgrounds for presentation-worthy graphics
  • Overlays Feature – Apply previous experimental settings to the current experiment.
  • Flexible Scenes Feature – Alter the position of arenas and zones within an apparatus on a per-session basis. Alterations can be performed during post-hoc analyses for maximum flexibility.

New Head-Mounted LED

Head-Mounted LED Modules are small enough for placement directly on an animal’s head. Weighing only 1.5 grams, the Head-Mounted LED Modules allow for optogenetic stimulation experiments in freely moving small animals without impeding behavior.

  • Direct Coupling Between LED and Fiber Stub – Eliminate power loss at patch cable and swivel coupling junction.
  • Four Wavelengths – Blue (465nm), Green (525nm), Lime (550nm), and Orange (620nm)
  • Magnetic Electrical Connection – Easily connect and disconnect the LED and power cable.

New Software Release – Radiant v2.2

The PlexBright 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller controlled by Radiant Software is one of the cornerstones of the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System. Radiant’s pattern generation functionality allows researchers to quickly define output patterns that may be saved and played back repeatedly. New features include –

  • Addition of Rising Ramp and Falling Ramp – Both primitives have three parameters – initial amplitude value, final amplitude value and duration.
  • Updated List of Plexon LEDs – LED editor now includes new wavelengths.

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