Carousel™ Commutator for Digital Headstages & Optogenetics
September 28, 2015

DALLAS, TEXAS — (September 28, 2015) – Plexon Inc, the leader in advanced hardware and software solutions for neuroscience and behavioral research, announces the launch of the Carousel™ Commutator for use with digital headstages in neural recording and/or PlexBright® LED Modules for optogenetics – the newest in a line of sophisticated Plexon commutators for researchers. The launch is precisely timed for inclusion at the annual Neuroscience conference, October 17-21.

A commutator is an electrical swivel that allows an animal to move freely by keeping the cables connected to the research equipment untangled. Research involving animals performing behavioral tests often requires that the animal moves unencumbered in its environment during the study. Two in vivo scenarios that most typically necessitate the use of commutators include neural recording and optogenetic stimulation. With the tethered implementation of either, a commutator becomes important. However, when the experiment requires both methods, mixed-mode commutators become imperative. Tangled cables, distractions, artifacts and ultimately, delays and poor data may result if not properly managed.

Plexon offers a range of robust, low-torque commutators that dependably keeps multiple types of cables untangled. The newest in Plexon’s commutator line is the Carousel Commutator. It is a passive commutator for use with up to two digital headstages and up to two PlexBright Compact LED Modules. The device supports up to 64 channels with any combination of 16 and 32 channel headstages. As a further benefit, the digital headstage cables are also particularly lightweight requiring fewer wires, yielding a less encumbered subject with which to begin.

The new Carousel Commutator has been designed for use with the Plexon OmniPlex® D Neural Data Acquisition System utilizing a Digital Headstage Processor (DHP), as well as with the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System – combined or either in isolation.

The Carousel Commutator will be on display at Neuroscience 2015, booth #1163 along with several of Plexon’s other passive and motorized commutators, commutators for use with analog headstages and commutators for use with optogenetics. For more information, visit or contact

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