Animal Video Tracking Software: New Pricing from Plexon

Plexon’s newsletter from March 29, 2017 discussing new price points on Plexon’s Animal Tracking Software.

New Price Offerings for CineLAB®

CineLAB® video tracking software for behavioral neuroscience is now available as an economical single camera license. Purchase all the features of CineLAB and a specialized USB camera for one low price of $5,450.00. Features include –

  • Customizable Arena Setup – multiple sub-zones adaptable to virtually any apparatus including: water maze, T maze, elevated plus maze, and operant chambers
  • Three Tracking Methods – contour, LED, or color markers (up to 12) for tracking multiple points on an animal or multiple subjects in the same apparatus
  • Trigger External Devices– use positional data to trigger external devices
  • Flexible Scenes Feature – Alter the position of arenas and zones within an apparatus on a per-session basis. Alterations can be performed during post-hoc analyses for maximum flexibility.

Plexon Video Tutorials

Want to combine live video tracking and external devices? Learn how to use the Event feature in CineLAB with this video tutorial.

Events can be used to set up sophisticated behavioral neuroscience experiments combining live animal tracking with triggering external devices, such as pellet dispensers, levers, shock floors, and LEDs for optogenetics.

New PlexBright Dual LED + Fluid Swivel Commutator

The Dual LED-Swivel commutator can be included as part of a complete setup for behavioral neuroscience – ask a sales representative about combining our PlexBright optogenetic equipment and CineLAB video tracking and behavioral analysis.

Features include –

  • Perform simultaneous optic stimulation and intravenous drug delivery, or perfusate delivery for microdialysis or voltammetry procedures
  • Compatible with up to two of our new high-power Head-Mounted LEDs and our PlexBright LD-1and 4 Channel Optogenetic Controllers
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