Video Tracking Software with the CinePlex System

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cineplex video tracking software


Elements of the CinePlex System

  • CinePlex Controller: a powerful computer capable of processing the large video files while simultaneously running all associated programs including the CinePlex Software, as well as optional data acquisition programs (OmniPlex Software or MAP Software).
  • CinePlex Software: two powerful programs that form the core of the sophisticated video tracking and behavioral analysis functionality – CinePlex Studio and CinePlex Editor. CinePlex Studio is responsible for the recording, tracking and analysis functionality, while CinePlex Editor enables the OmniPlex System or MAP System user to view and edit synchronized video and neural data files together. CinePlex Studio’s standard capabilities can be expanded to perform specialize functionality through CinePlex Tracking, CinePlex Basic Behavior and CinePlex 3D.
  • Cameras: low-noise, standard VGA or high definition FireWire cameras as well as newly added, more economical USB Firefly cameras chosen from compatible options. The CinePlex System is capable of supporting from one to four cameras depending on the configuration chosen.
  • CinePlex Interface Module: provides camera triggers, Nth frame pulses and recording status to external equipment; utilized in stand-alone operation only.
  • Accessories: including calibration grids, assorted cables, and computer peripherals such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. The CinePlex System is remarkably flexible and can be configured to meet your research requirements and budget. Much of the functionality is within the software and can be expanded when and if necessary.

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