OmniPlex Release 20

New Features

Added ability to add comments during PL2 recordings.

Added PL2 recording protection.

Added adaptive template, band and 2D polygon sorting.

Added high speed scope display mode for current-channel spike view.

Added per-channel spectrogram toggling in MultiPlex view.

Added percent-sorted sort quality metric.

Added ability to order units by peak-to-peak template amplitude (template and band sorting).

Added ability to swap selected units.

Add Comments During PL2 Recordings

With Release 20 it is now possible to add comments during PL2 Recordings. Use this new feature to make notes about changes made online during recording or events that occurred that might have an effect on recording results.

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Ability to Swap Selected Units

With the latest version of OmniPlex Software it is now possible swap selected units and order units by peak to peak template amplitude.

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