OmniPlex® Electrophysiology Neural Data Acquisition System

  • Top of the line electrophysiology research system
  • Up to 512 channels of neural recording
  • Decreased sensitivity to ambient electrical noise
  • Lighter headstage cables with fewer wires for greater freedom of animal movement
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Plexon’s flagship neural data acquisition system for program selectable amplification, filtering and spike sorting available in 16 to 512 channel configurations, depending on choice of either DigiAmp™ for use with analog headstages or our newest Digital Headstage Processor (DHP) subsystem utilizing digital headstages.

OmniPlex Release 17 now available.**Learn More about OmniPlex Release 17**

New features include:

- View spectral information in a more intuitive and expressive manner using the new Spectral 3D view

- “Lock” spectrograms to view only the FP source, or can view the spectra of any continuous source, including wideband (WB), spike-continuous (SPKC) or AuxAI (AI / AIF)

- Peak seeking automatic spike sorting

- Guided spike sorting, and more!


Why OmniPlex over other data acquisition systems?

  • High performance data acquisition with the OmniPlex System.
  • Powerful Online Sorting and flagship electrophsyiology research system
  • Digital inputs for 64 channels and 32 auxiliary analog inputs for non-neural experiment signals.
  • OmniPlex software consists of OmniPlex Server, the "software engine" for neural signal processing, and PlexControl, the main user interface that provides data visualization and the user interface.
  • Plexon's most advanced subsytem, the Digital Headstage Processor is for use with digital headstages and enables up to 512 channels of neural recording.
  • And what we consider to be of utmost importance is that with Plexon you get a knowledgeable sales team with behavioral research experience, as well as detailed support with your purchases, be it OmniPlex or any one of our other neuroscience research systems


Why OmniPlex over other data acquisition systems?