The next generation of multichannel, high-density neural recording

Over the past two decades, researchers using arrays like the Utah array have faced limitations in recording large populations of neurons: lack of depth and low-dimensional recordings. Nerve cells aren’t exclusively arranged laterally on a 2D space, so why should that be all an electrode array can cover?

We teamed up with Modular Bionics to address these limitations with the N-Form array. The N-Form is a customizeable 3D array exclusively offered by Plexon. It is compatible with non-Plexon systems. It has longer shanks than the Utah array at exactly the same spatial density. It’s priced similarly to standard linear arrays.

With the N-form, neuroscientists have the power to decide which sites to record from at any given X, Y, and Z coordinate of the array.

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N-Form Array features & benefits

  • High-density, multichannel configuration, and 3-dimensional
  • Up to 100 electrodes in various configurations at specific X, Y, and Z coordinates on a single array
  • Customizable designs in terms of pitch, length, pass-throughs, and recording sites
  • High-quality neural recordings accessible immediately after implantation
  • Floating neural interface
  • Sterilizable
  • Excellent stability in acute and chronic applications
  • Microstimulation-capable
  • Various connector options are available

Why N-Form over products like Utah Array?

  • The N-Form allows for targeting large volumes of neurons across layers and columns of the cortex
  • Combines features of the Utah array and linear arrays, such as the Plexon V-Probe, for chronic, 3D volumetric recordings
  • The high-density design and floating interface allows for longterm, chronic recordings
  • Researchers are in control of defining location of electrode sites on each probe:

N-Form Array example applications

Electrical recording and stimulation of:

  • Motor cortex
  • Sensory cortex
  • Spinal cord
  • Peripheral nerve fibers
  • and more..

Researchers are in control of defining location of electrode sites on each probe:

N-Form Array connector selection

  • Omnetics
  • Tucker-Davis Technologies
  • Samtec

Simple Insertion

The insertion tool is easily adaptable to many types of microdrives / inserters. Inserting your high-density microelectrode array into brain, spinal-cord and peripheral-nerve tissue is a high-speed, straightforward procedure



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