"Following Protocol" Blog Article Contest

Plexon is working to start a new blog "Following Protocol", which will feature articles relevant to scientists. The blog will include scientific topics, as well as everyday topics that are important to researchers (e.g. grant writing, transitioning to industry, time-management).

To get things started, we are giving you the opportunity to win up to $1000 by submitting a blog article with a minimum of 400 words. This article should be informative and relevant to scientists.* Please note we will not be accepting abstracts.

The winning article will be chosen by our Sales Engineers. The winner will receive a cash prize of at least $200 and depending on the number of entries, the winner could receive up to $1000.

Here is how it works

  • Starting Prize for winning entry $200
  • Plexon will add $5 for each valid entry* (up to $800)
  • Final prize for winning entry will be the total of these two amounts (up to $1000)

As we receive entries, we will update the prize amount on our social media accounts. Share the contest with your lab and anyone you think could contribute an article.

Any submission less than 400 words or an abstract will be deleted!

*Valid entries will be a minimum of 400 words and will cover a topic relevant to the scientific community. If you are uncertain about the relevance of your topic, please send the topic in email to One submission per person.

Bored at Home? Enter to Win Up to $1000

Thank you for your interest. This contest is now closed.