Plexon probes are customizable and robust. These multi-use, multi-site linear electrodes are most often used for acute recordings in medium to large animals. Some of our popular custom options include:


Rotated connector:

Rotating the connector 90 degrees allows for the headstage to be plugged in from the top which can alleviate spacing issues.

Kinked/Angled Reinforcement Tube:

Probes can be made with a “kink” in the reinforcement tube. Customers specify the angle and the location of this bend. Changing the angle of the reinforcement tube can make it easier to plug in the headstage when recording from brain regions close together.

Fluid Channels:

Up to 4 fluid delivery channels for precise drug delivery can be added to S, U, and V-Probes. The placement of these fluid channels depends on the type of probe chosen. A connector steel tube (360um OD) is pulled over the fluid capillary (60um OD) and polyethylene or silicone tubing can be used to connect to the injection system.

Fiber Optics:

Up to 4 fiber optic lines for optogenetic stimulation can be added to S, U, and V-Probes and intermixed within the recording sites. The placement of these fiber optics depends on the type of probe chosen. Probes will be manufactured with a LC ferrule that can be used to connect to your light source.

Jumper Location:

You can have the location where the jumper cables connect moved to better fit your experimental designs. For example, jumpers can me moved so that they are accesible from the side.

“Pig-Tail” Connector Design:

The unique pig-tail connector design allows for greater flexibility with site orientation and easier movement of the probe while in the microdrive. The length of the cable between the reinforcement tube and the connector can be customized.

Do you need a custom design not shown here? We can help. Tell us more about what you are looking for and we will have a salesperson reach out shortly.

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