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• Customizable Arena Settings – Arenas can be drawn and modified to virtually any shape for a variety of apparatuses (e.g., Elevated plus maze, watermaze, T-Maze), and modifications can even be made post-recording.

• Tracking in Zones and Zone Sequences – Use zones for tracking in specific locations, on or around objects, or specific paths of movement through the arena for sophisticated behavioral paradigms. Like the arenas, zones can be defined either pre or post-recording for maximal flexibility.

• Real-Time Tracking and Behavioral Analyses – speed, distance traveled, time in zones or zone sequences and number of zone/sequence entries are automatically computed.

• Interface with External Equipment – use the CineLyzer digital input/output device with live video recording to use positional data, speed, movement trajectories, or head direction to turn on/off external devices (e.g., pellet dispensers or LEDs) for a wide range of behavioral paradigms including: watermaze tracking, T-Maze tracking, conditioning experiments, operant tasks, elevated plus maze, or place preference assays.

• Tracking via three methods: contour, LED, or with (up to 12) color markers

• Graphical and path trajectory visualization

• Choose from color or infrared cameras for recording in daylight or near IR conditions.

• Data exported to .csv

Learn How to Track Behavioral Files Using CineLyzer

Use CineLyzer to Track in a Morris Water Maze


The Morris Water Maze is a popular method of testing for spatial learning and memory in mice and rats. The maze itself consists of circular pool of water in which there is an invisible or visible platform that will allow the test subject to escape from the water.


The CineLyzer Behavioral Tracking System as shown below can easily track a subject in a Morris water maze in both real time and using saved video files.

Use CineLyzer to Track in a T-Maze

Researchers commonly use the T-Maze to test reference and working memory in rats or mice. The maze is usually shaped like the letter T and is used to assess rodent behavior. While at it’s simplest it only offers two choices, turn right or left, it can also be combined with other T-mazes, then called a Multiple T-Maze.

CineLyzer can be used to track speed, distance traveled, and presence or absence in particular locations within the T-Maze. You may also use positional data to control external devices with a custom digital input/output device from Plexon.

CineLyzer can also be used with many other experimental designs