In-Stock Neural Probes

This is a selection of all of the neural probes that Plexon has currently in stock. If you cannot find what you are looking for you can always contact a Plexon Sales Engineer to customize your order.

Plexon neural probes are designed for each researchers specific needs. The ability to customize these probes results in a lead time of 4-6 weeks. We understand that researchers may need a probe with a shorter lead time and that is why we are offering customers the option to purchase in-stock probes. In-stock probes have been manufactured according to the high quality standards of customizable probes, however, during this testing, select probes may be found to have a non-working channel. These probes are fully functional otherwise and are available to purchase as in-stock probes.

In stock neural probes will undergo a final testing and rejuvenation before being shipped to the lab. Because these probes are already manufactured, the lead time for shipping in stock probes is typically 3 three weeks. However, Plexon cannot guarantee the arrival date of any probe that is ordered. 

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