Plexon Standard Commutator

Plexon’s Standard Commutator is a robust, reliable device for keeping headstage cables untangled as a freely behaving animal moves in the experimental environment.  It is designed for use in low channel count neural recording with analog headstages.

Plexon’s Standard Commutator is compact, lightweight and intended for applications involving 32 or fewer channels. It features a unique slip ring design to ensure signal integrity from headstage to data acquisition system, and is compatible with all Plexon analog headstages. The majority of the device – the rotation assembly – hangs just below the mounting plate, which extends 70mm and houses one to two Harwin connectors on the end. An optional torque arm attaches to the base of the rotational assembly that enhances the commutator’s effectiveness in large enclosures. The rotation assembly’s widest part measures 70mm in diameter.

This is the commutator to choose if using it with a low channel count:

  • OmniPlex® D System utilizing either a DigiAmp™ or MiniDigi™ amplifier,
  • OmniPlex System utilizing an analog amplifier, or even
  • The original MAP system

In addition to the Standard Commutator, Plexon offers a more refined Motorized Commutator for medium- to high-channel count neural recordings. Should your research also require optogenetics, Plexon also offers the PlexBright® Dual LED + 16 Channel Commutator for the efficient management of mixed headstage and optical patch cables.

To further enhance your experience and results when using Plexon’s commutators, we offer a breadth of compatible connectorsheadstages and headstage cables. If your research also calls for video tracking or behavioral analysis, you may be interested in our CinePlex® Behavioral Research System.

If you have further questions, a Plexon Sales Engineer will be happy to help.

The table below provides many of the most commonly requested specifications.  If you have further questions, a Plexon Sales Engineer will be happy to help.

The illustration to the right details Plexon’s 16 channel Standard Commutator, and is used as an example with respect to the specifications table below.



Feature16 Channels32 ChannelsRemarks
Plexon data acquisition system compatibility– OmniPlex® D System utilizing either a DigiAmp™ or MiniDigi™

– OmniPlex System using an analog amplifier
– MAP System
– OmniPlex System utilizing either a DigiAmp™ or MiniDigi™

– OmniPlex System using an analog amplifier
– MAP System
Not for use with an OmniPlex System using a Digital Headstage Processor (DHP) without specialized adapters.
Headstage compatibilityAnalogAnalogResearch utilizing digital headstages require Plexon’s Carousel™ Commutator.
Data channels1632
Additional channels44V+, V- reference and ground.
Total lines2036Data channels.
Actuation mechanismPassivePassiveSame for both channel counts.
Input connectors1226 pin, male Harwin connector.
Height above mounting plate13mm13mmSame for both channel counts.
OD above mounting plate77mm77mmSame for both channel counts.
Mounting plate dimensions (L x H x D)102 x 7 x 102mm102 x 7 x 102mmSame for both channel counts.
Depth below mounting plate70mm109mm
D below mounting plate70mm70mmSame for both channel counts.
Weight0.68kg (1.5lbs)0.82kg (1.8lbs)
Torque armYesYesSame for both channel counts. Torque arms are optional.
Output connector cable length40.6cm (16in)40.6cm (16in)Same for both channel counts.

Technical Specs and Data Sheets