PlexBright Compact LED Modules

At the heart of the PlexBright® Optogenetic Stimulation System are the cost-effective and powerful PlexBright LED Modules for standard use (Table-top LED Modules), or for use with our PlexBright Commutators for freely behaving animals (Compact or New Head-Mounted LED Modules). A full spectrum of wavelengths enables you to get the most out of your research whether you are performing acute or chronic in vivo experiments or in vitro preparations.

**NEW Near-infrared and Ultraviolet LED Modules.**

Plexon’s second generation, super-intensity PlexBright LED Modules provide outstanding light stability and pulse characteristics – all within a very small footprint. Our ever-expanding series of powerful, fiber-coupled PlexBright LED Modules effectively elicit responses from several opsins targeted in neuroresearch, including channelrhodopsins (ChRs), archaerhodopsins (Arch) and halorhodopsins (NpHR).

PlexBright LED Modules come in a wide range of wavelengths and are capable of emitting continuous, stable, and quick-responding light through the tip of a 200μm core, custom developed optical fiber.  PlexBright Compact LED Modules are available in the following seventeen wavelengths: Royal (450nm), Blue (465nm), Green (525nm), Lime (550nm), Yellow (590nm), Orange (620nm), Red (630nm) Crimson (660nm), Infrared 1 (850nm), Infrared 2 (940nm), Near-Infrared 1 (740nm), Near-Infrared 2 (760nm), Near-Infrared 3 (780nm), Near-Infrared 4 (810nm), Ultraviolet 1 (365nm), Ultraviolet 2 (385nm), and Ultraviolet 3 (405nm).

PlexBright Compact LED Modules provide the same performance as the PlexBright Table-top LED Modules, only in an ultra light-weight and miniaturized package designed to be mounted to either of our PlexBright

Commutators that deliver power to the LEDs as they spin freely along with a behaving animal. These modules have recently been enhanced to feature a magnetic connection to the commutator. The new style of magnetic attachment enables faster module interchangeability. These Compact LED Modules are compatible with the PlexBright Dual LED Commutator, PlexBright Dual LED + 16 Channel Commutator for simultaneous neural recording with analog headstages, or the NEW Carousel™ Commutator for simultaneous neural recording with digital headstages.

For maximum power output to the stimulation site, high performance PlexBright Optical Patch Cables have been designed to easily connect to the modules. It is important to note that our PlexBright Optical Patch Cables are LED module style-specific.

PlexBright Starter Kits offer the initial products to get started. Kits are available in four experimental designs and with either driver (the economical kit with the LD-1 Single Channel LED Driver or the fully functional kit with the PlexBright 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller with Radiant Software).

In addition to super intensity PlexBright LED Modules, Optical Patch Cables and Commutators, the PlexBright Optogenetic Stimulation System also offers the PlexBright LD-1 Single Channel LED Driver; the more sophisticated PlexBright 4 Channel Optogenetic Controller running Radiant Software; specially designed PlexBright Fiber Stub Implants; the PlexBright Light Measurement Kit; and the PlexBright Optical Fiber Cleaning Kit to safely maintain and extend the life of the fiber tips. If your experiments include freely behaving animals, you may also be interested in learning