MAP Software

The Multichannel Acquisition Processor (MAP) Data Acquisition System runs a suite of client/server programs that control spike sorting in the MAP System and provides real-time data visualization and analysis.

**MAP Software is now frozen and no longer being updated**

Plexon’s original program supporting multichannel data acquisition is a suite of programs referred to as the Real-Time Acquisition System Programs for Unit Timing in Neuroscience software, or more affectionately known as RASPUTIN.

This combination of software and hardware enables users to view waveforms, acquire action potential waveforms around a voltage-threshold crossing, sort them in real time according to their shape, record continuous analog signals, such as field potentials, eye position, blood pressure, as well as capture external digital-event data, such as individual TTL lines or multi-bit strobed word data. RASPUTIN utilizes a client/server architecture on a Microsoft Windows™ operating system. The server program runs the MAP box and distributes the data among a set of cooperating client programs. The program can record analog signals and spike and digital-event data in a single data file, and supports 16, 32, 48, 64, 96 and 128 channel configurations.

RASPUTIN’s operation is based on two primary programs: Sort Client and MAP Server. The Sort Client is the primary control program for the MAP System hardware and may be used to adjust the MAP operating parameters (e.g., amplification, filtering) and to set the specific sorting parameters for each channel.

MAP Server is the low-level interface for configuring the MAP, which transfers commands such as gain and filter changes or parameter settings from the various clients to the MAP box. MAP Server also accumulates data coming from the MAP box in a circular buffer memory. The client programs connect to MAP Server to gain access to that data. MAP Server also mediates communication between the clients, keeping them informed of commands sent to the MAP from other clients.

RASPUTIN is compatible with Plexon’s C/C++ and MATLAB® software development kits (SDKs). It can also be further enhanced by Plexon’s PlexNet protocol supporting remote online data access across any TCP/IP or UDP network, and PlexUtil for modifying RASPUTIN’s output .PLX and .DDT data files. Additionally, the data can be read into Plexon’s Offline Sorter™ program for further spike sorting, and NeuroExplorer® for extensive analysis.

RASPUTIN is not sold separately, but rather arrives pre-loaded on the MAP Control Computer with the purchase of any MAP System. As the MAP System has been replaced by the advanced OmniPlex® D Neural Data Acquisition System, Plexon is no longer developing the RASPUTIN software program. However, the latest upgrade package is still accessible online. If you have additional questions, a Plexon Sales Engineer would be more than happy to discuss them with you.