CinePlex Behavioral Research System

The CinePlex® Behavioral Research System is possibly the industry’s most advanced approach to digital video recording, position tracking and behavioral analysis for freely moving and behaving animal experiments. Plexon’s CinePlex System is the only behavioral research system that can either be operated in full synchrony with neural data acquisition, or as a stand-alone solution.

**CinePlex Studio v3.8.0 now offers jitter elimination and more!**

The study of animal behavior is a key to unlocking the great mysteries of the brain. Plexon is pleased to be a major force supporting researchers spanning disciplines as vast as behavioral physiology, biophysics, mental health, neuro-informatics, pharmacology, and psychiatry as they define new frontiers in science and medicine.

For more than a decade, Plexon has developed, refined and expanded its leading video tracking and behavior analysis system – the CinePlex Behavioral Research System. The CinePlex System expertly transforms abstract activity into quantitative information able to be effectively examined and analyzed. It can be operated as a stand-alone solution in which the research does not require the simultaneous capture of neural signals. Alternatively, it can be operated in synchrony with OmniPlex® Neural Data Acquisition Systems or the Multichannel Acquisition Processor (MAP) Data Acquisition System.

The CinePlex System functions in all lighting conditions – light to dark – and is capable of operation online or offline with files. It is applicable to research with almost any maze or open field, and offers multiple tracking modes. The CinePlex System is capable of both two- and three-dimensional operation while supporting a choice of standard VGA or high definition cameras. It performs a wealth of statistical computations, and can export data to Excel®, MATLAB® or text files for further analysis.

A complete CinePlex System is a combination of specialized hardware and software customized to your research needs. Primary system elements include the following:

  • CinePlex Controller: a powerful computer capable of processing the large video files while simultaneously running all associated programs including the CinePlex Software, as well as optional data acquisition programs (OmniPlex Software or MAP Software).
  • CinePlex Software: two powerful programs that form the core of the sophisticated video tracking and behavioral analysis functionality – CinePlex Studio and Ci