GRIN Lens and Lens-Connector

Thin, cylindrical, graded-refractive-index lenses (GRIN) get implanted along with our specially designed, patent-pending focus adjustable fiber-lens connector allowing for calcium imaging in ANY region of the brain and spinal cord.

lens-connector for calcium imaging

A lens-connector next to an American dime for size comparison.

Grin Lenses for Calcium Imaging

We currently offer two types of GRIN lenses for imaging different areas of the central nervous system. The first lens option is designed to reach any area of the brain in rodents or larger animals and measures 0.7mm in diameter and more than 8mm long. The second lens option is 1mm in diameter and can reach areas in the brain which are up to 2.5mm deep.

Lens-Connectors with Patented Focus Lock Mechanism

Graded-refractive-index lenses (GRIN) get implanted with lens-connectors in the brain/spinal cord region of interest. The lens-connectors are designed with the capability of lens-implantation at various angles and a patented focus-lock mechanism. This allows imaging and stimulating hard-to-reach brain/spinal cord regions including nervous system of birds, rodents, juvenile animals, and primates. Lens-connectors are custom-designed for each lab based on research requirements.

Imaging fiber bundles are connected to the implanted lenses and the patented focus-lock mechanism ensures that the subsequent imaging sessions do not require re-focusing of the lens by default, unless required by the user. The focus is maintained for the duration of multiple behavior sessions thus enabling an accurate longitudinal assessment of neuronal subpopulations.

Lens Connectors can be used with both the Quartet and the Chromatone system. Contact a Plexon Sales Engineer to learn more about these products.