Chromatone TM Cables for Calcium Imaging

Chromatone™ uses four highly flexible optical imaging fiber bundles for calcium imaging. The light and flexible design of the cable allows animals to perform behavior experiments with minimal stress and without impeding performance.

Calcium imaging and optogenetics

Optic Fibers For Calcium Imaging

Each bundle includes 18000 single fibers, 7.5micron diameter each. The imaging fiber bundle enables the implanted lens-connectors to transmit fluorescence signal from neurons to the microscope.

Chromatone Fiber Optic Cables for Calcium Imaging

GCaMP tagged brain slice, imaged using the Neurescence Multiscopes™

Focus Lock Mechanism

For each imaging session, imaging fiber bundles are connected to the implanted lenses with lens connectors, which transfer images from the tissue to the microscope. The user is required to set the best focus, for the initial imaging session. A patented focus-lock mechanism ensures that the subsequent imaging sessions do not require re-focusing of the lens by default, unless required by the user. The focus is maintained for the duration of multiple behavior sessions thus enabling an accurate longitudinal assessment of neuronal subpopulations.

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