New 3D Tracking Method

A customer recently expressed interest in 3D tracking using a black mouse with three different color markers on each limb. The animal would be performing a reaching task in a very small Plexiglas arena where shadows and reflections could interfere with tracking. In addition, the markers would occasionally be occluded and then reappear.  This customer had attempted to track using other commercially available 3D tracking systems, however these systems failed due to the complexity of the experimental conditions. Plexon engineers worked with this customer to modify existing CinePlex software to work with four 200 frame per seconds cameras, develop a novel method for marking animals, and design a 3D frame that would work in the customer’s lab. After building and testing this design in house, Plexon installed this equipment in the customer’s lab. Once installed, the customer was able to accurately track the mouse using CinePlex software. The requirements of this customer led to improvements and innovations that allow CinePlex to track behavior in conditions that competitors are unable to accurately track.