Two Postdoctoral Positions in Neural Circuits Genetics and Physiology for Learning and Memory


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Two postdoctoral positions are available immediately to study neural circuits and neurophysiology for learning and memory and their involvements in neurological and psychiatric disorders using a mouse model in the Department of Psychiatry at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Our goal in Kitamura Lab is to provide a biophysically-based and mechanistic understanding of neural circuits, neural processes and memory engrams for learning and memory. Selected applicants will utilize viral technology, transgenic strategy, histology, in vivo calcium imaging, in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology, cell-type specific activity manipulation, behavioral assay and work with/programming. For more details, please check out Faculty Profile at

Selected publications

1) Terranova JI, Yokose J, Osanai H, Marks WD, Yamamoto Y, Ogawa SK & Kitamura T. Hippocampal-amygdala memory circuits govern experience-dependent observational fear. Neuron, 110, 1-16, (2022).

2) Tonegawa S, Morrissey MD & Kitamura T, The role of engram cells in the systems consolidation of memory. Nature Review Neuroscience, 19,8, 485-498, (2018)

3) Kitamura T, Ogawa SK, Roy DS, Okuyama T, Morrissey MD, Smith LM, Redondo RL & Tonegawa S. Engrams and circuits crucial for systems consolidation of a memory. Science, 356, 6333, 73-78, (2017)

4) Kitamura T, Pignatelli M, Suh J, Kohara K, Yoshiki A, Abe K & Tonegawa S. Island cells control temporal association memory. Science, 343, 6137, 896-901, (2014)

5) Kitamura T, Saitoh Y, Takashima N, Murayama A, Niibori Y, Ageta H, Sekiguchi M, Sugiyama H & Inokuchi K. Adult neurogenesis modulates the hippocampus-dependent period of associative fear memory. Cell, 139, 4, 814-827, (2009)

A PhD in Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Systems Neuroscience, Computer Science and any related fields, or MD with applicable lab experience is required. We are looking for scientists who are highly motivated to understand the neural mechanisms of Learning and Memory, are eager to learn and develop new skills/knowledge, and who aim to be an independent researcher after their training. We will provide an efficient research environment to help lab members pursue their scientific careers.

To apply, please send a statement of interests (describing why you are interested in the position, how it would help your career and what you bring to the team), detailed CV and a list of three references directly to:

Takashi Kitamura, Ph.D.

Department of Psychiatry, NC6.530

UT Southwestern Medical Center

5323 Harry Hines Blvd.

Dallas, TX 75390-9070

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