Postdoctoral Scholar in the Narayanan Lab at the University of Iowa


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Position Description:

There is an open post-doctoral position for a creative, enthusiastic and highly motivated individual in the laboratory of Kumar Narayanan ( at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Iowa City, IA. The Narayanan Lab is focused on how dopamine affects corticostriatal circuits in cognitive behaviors. We combine cutting-edge techniques such as cell-type-specific viral methods, optogenetics, neuronal ensemble recordings, and calcium imaging to study problems that have direct relevance to human health and disease.

Because we can correlate data from these techniques to work in humans, this work will uniquely matter to patients suffering from diseases affecting frontal cortex and striatum.=

The Narayanan lab is committed to the development of trainees. Our trainees in the lab have received 4 NRSAs, 2 mentored NARSAD grants, and 2 K awards, and 5 trainees have gone on to academic tenure-track positions across the country. We have ample professional development resources here at the University of Iowa and in the Iowa Neuroscience Institute:

Iowa City is a vibrant mid-sized city with vibrant arts, cultural events, and recreation that perennially ranks in the top 10 as a “Best Place to Live”). It is the first UNESCO City of Literature in the U.S. and hosts a wide variety of cultural, artistic, and sporting events year-round.

Interested candidates should submit their Curriculum Vitae, a cover letter with one paragraph describing past work, as well as one paragraph describing what project they are interested in the Narayanan lab. Please include complete contact information for at least three references. The Narayanan laboratory is comprised of ~10 scientists and is located in the Iowa Neuroscience Institute ( within the Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building (

Education Requirement:

Ph.D. in Neuroscience

Required Qualifications:

At least one first-author publication

We require a strong background and passion for behavioral neuroscience and neurophysiology

Experience with MATLAB, R, Python

To apply for this job please visit