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Position Description:

TWO postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratory of Dr. Dudek in the Neurobiology Laboratory, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH in Research Triangle Park, NC. We are interested in understanding how steroid hormones regulate hippocampal neuron gene expression & excitability and how such regulation may influence hippocampal development. We currently seek postdoctoral fellows with training in molecular biology and/or neurobiology to contribute to these investigations. The lab is an interdisciplinary environment that includes cellular physiologists and systems neuroscientists and uses a variety of approaches, including molecular biology, to study synaptic and developmental plasticity. Projects in the lab include determining how sex and stress through nuclear hormone receptors regulate hippocampal function at all stages of development, with a focus on hippocampal area CA2. Our long-term goal is to determine how early developmental events influence adult brain circuitry. The NIEHS has bioinformatics support and sequencing, imaging, viral vector, and rodent behavioral cores that together offer the successful candidates a number of training opportunities while pursuing their research. The competitive stipends offered can be found at


PhD in molecular/cell biology, genomics, biochemistry, or neuroscience, and less than 4 years postdoctoral experience. We are looking for candidates with experience in transcription, endocrinology, epigenetics, development, or single cell biology. No prior experience in neurobiology is necessary, but experience working with large data sets or mice is a plus.

To Apply:

Interested candidates should send a short statement of how their interests and research accomplishments fit with interests in the lab, CV and contact information for 3 references to:
Serena M. Dudek, PhD
Neurobiology Laboratory
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH


*This post will be available until February 28, 2021 or until the position is filled.
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