Post-Doctoral Researchers


Boston University

We are seeking highly creative individuals who are interested in pursuing independent projects core to the lab’s research interest. While experience with in vivo imaging and rodent behavior and a quantitative background is desired, we are also interested in individuals with a broad range of expertise within and outside of neuroscience. You can even be a mathematician, physicist, engineer, computer scientist, molecular biologist, artist, or musician. Some examples of potential good fits include:

  • Neurophysiologists with previous experience working with non-human primates interested in addressing similar questions in rodents.
  • Developmental neurobiologists interested in studying how circuit formation guides circuit function and behavior.
  • Computational neuroscientists interested in testing theoretical models using experimental data acquired in the lab.
  • Molecular neurobiologists interested in utilizing molecular and genetic tools for addressing systems-level questions.
  • Optical engineers interested in developing and applying novel technologies for large-scale recording and stimulation of neuronal populations.

A first author publication (submitted or published) is a prerequisite for consideration. If interested in applying, please submit a CV along with 3 references to

To apply for this job please visit