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The Kroener lab at the University of Texas at Dallas is looking for a postdoc. Our lab is interested in the neuronal circuitry of the medial prefrontal cortex and how alterations in synaptic transmission are related to drug addiction. This NIAAA-funded position will examine changes in glutamatergic transmission between the basolateral amygdala and the mPFC that occur in the transition from goal-directed to habitual alcohol drinking. The lab employs a multi-disciplinary approach, combining behavioral assays, optogenetics, and in-vitro electrophysiology. Applicants should have an interest in the neurobiology of drug addiction and hold a PhD. Prior experience with relevant behavioral paradigms (drug self-administration or cognitive rodent tasks) or electrophysiology is desired, but not required, and applicants who have skills in only some of these disciplines, but feel that they can easily learn the others, are encouraged to apply.

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