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“Simultaneous Multi-Region Neuronal Calcium Imaging in Freely Behaving Subjects”

October 26, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Simultaneous Multi-Region Neuronal Calcium Imaging in Freely Behaving Subjects

Live Date:10/26/2021

Start Time:11:00 AM EDT (North America)

Duration:60 minutes

For neural circuit-based approaches to understanding the mammalian central nervous system and translation to the clinic, it is necessary to understand how different subtypes of neurons in multiple brain areas communicate with each other and contribute to both the local and long-range circuitry.

In this webinar, Dr. Yasaman Soudagar and Dr. Roshni Christo will present a method to use calcium imaging in up to 4 implanted areas of the brain of freely behaving mice to map out neuronal circuits and identify changes that take place under different disease conditions and behavior mechanisms. The technique is translatable to different species including other rodents, birds, and non-human primates.

Dr. Soudagar and Dr. Christo will also discuss how this approach can be combined with optogenetic stimulation and electrophysiology recording. Moreover, they will discuss the need for multi-label, multi-region, simultaneous optogenetic stimulation and imaging, and present research tools to help researchers achieve this goal.

Key learning objectives:

  • Types of research questions that can be addressed using simultaneous multi-region imaging with neuronal resolution
  • How Neurescence’s Quartet system can be used to study local and long-range neuronal circuits involved in various behavior paradigms or disease mechanisms
  • Simultaneously imaging the brains of multiple mice in a social interaction experiment
  • Combining neuronal calcium imaging with optogenetics, e-phys and/or MRI
  • How implanting multiple optical probes affects animal behavior