Elizabeth Guy

Elizabeth Guy is currently a Sales Engineer for Plexon, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Appalachian State University where she conducted research on the effects of audiogenic seizures on GABA neuron densities in the Dorsal Nucleus of the Lateral Lemniscus as well as on several behavioral measures of learning and memory and anxiety.  She continued her studies in behavioral neuroscience completing a Master’s Degree in Psychology at Wake Forest University supervised by Wayne Pratt where she studied motivated behaviors relating to maladaptive food intake, specifically focusing on cue-evoked relapse to food seeking behavior.  From there, she continued her studies in reward learning related to addictive behaviors at the University of Toronto under the direction of Paul Fletcher.  Her studies focused on the effect of nicotine to influence
Pavlovian approach behavior and later responding for the reward-paired cue as a conditioned reinforcer.  Before joining Plexon, Elizabeth worked under Dr. Eric Turner at Seattle Children’s Research Institute, where she was a member of the NIDA training group and examined the possible role of nicotine in anxiety and reward behavior within the medial habenula. Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys long-distance road and trail running, coaching cross-country, biking, hiking, playing music, and volunteering to support homeless communities in the greater Seattle region.