Danny Heller

“One of the many reasons I joined Plexon was because I wanted to work with a motivated group of people who are playing an active role in helping break down the limitations of our knowledge about the brain. I love working in Inside Technical Sales here at Plexon because I get to continuously uncover what the brightest minds around the world are researching in the neuroscience space.”

Danny is also a part of the User Success Team, where he interfaces directly with Plexon’s current users and gathers feedback on our systems in order to continuously improve the experience for Plexon users.

Danny originally is from Wheaton, Illinois and graduated from the Farmer School of Business at Miami University with a B.S. in Business. His major was Marketing and minor was Computer Science. Danny also worked as a research assistant for Dr. Matthew McMurray’s behavioral neuroscience lab at Miami, studying addiction and decision-making in rodents. In his free time, Danny enjoys reading and golfing, and is hoping to get better at tennis as well.